Our Supporters

We are so glad to receive support from across the world in many different ways.

Not least from Scotland:


Selkirk Baptist Church. 

Folks at the Baptist church have had puppet shows in the past, and had another fundraising event just before Christmas. Their financial team led by the Pastor Brian Talbot (whom we know from attending their fellowship back in 2006 when Shubhro was on the Edinburgh rotation training programme working in the Borders) decided at a meeting back in the summer that St Lukes was one of the projects the church wanted to help


Risers Home Group in Aberdeen

This group ladies meet monthly in the home of Elizabeth. I met Elizabeth and her family over 30 years ago in the church in Oman. This small group have a talk (their first meeting of 2019 was about 'Grace' )- they they have some food and enjoy fellowship. They often invite folk to speak to them, so they have heard all about St Lukes from us last December. They are always raising funds in small way, and pray regularly.


We have Scottish colleagues - who wish to remain anonymous who are very generous in the support of specific projects, and there are other friends and family who support us on a month by month basis.