Patient' Stories 2020


Moni had nine convulsions - five before arriving at Prem Jyothi and a further four after starting the magnesium sulphate treatment. Needed extra dose of the anticonvulsant to get her under control, but also was very difficult to get her blood pressure under control

The photos shows Moni baby 36 hours after delivery and six weeks later,  happily with no recollection of how she was.



Acute fatty liver of pregnancy girl in PJH survives

Barnabas  could not hide the anxiety in his voice when he phoned late one night

8 out of 10 women with this condition die in pregnancy.

Barnabas managed to help Anjum to have a normal delivery, despite much pressure from

Anjum and her relatives to deliver her by Caesarean section.

Barnabas put an active protocol into place to stop the possible post delivery bleeding that could well have happened.

Slowly slowly all causes of jaudice were excluded, until once she was stable Anju could go for a scan to a scan centre 30 miles away, where the scan confirmed acute fatty liver changes.



Sardar is a little 3 year old boy with maggots in forehead wound




Several with potential TB. Sabina was very frightened and anxious, but Shubro gently began to reassure her that it was ok and she would be fine. He managed to get a sputum sample which Haridas then stained in the laboratory tested positive. Haridas was excited he was able to identiy the acid fast TB bacteria down the microscope-





Herpes encephalopathy

Jamina presented with status epilepticus to Holy Cross Hospital. She had a high fever and was unconcious, and she looked so young and vulnerable.

Convulsions brought under control, but still did not regain consciousness - arranged for transfer to PHJ, but family took her home.









This 70 year old lady presented with a swelling on the right side of her neck which had been present for several years,  but in the past week caused her pain and itchiness.

At one end of the 5 cm swelling there was a redness and warmth which looked infected, so a decision made to give a course of oral antibiotics.

She also had blood pressure of 200/105, and so we started a drug to bring BP down, and gave her some painkillers also.

Ten days later, she came back with a smile on her face - pain had disappeared, and although the swelling was still present it was painless and cystic without anypulsation. And her BP was 150/90.

She promised to remain on blood pressure medicine and come for BP check regularly, and she is determined she does not want any further investigation of her neck swelling.









James with his young patient from whom he had removed multiple maggots