Short and longterm plans for St.Luke's

Some needs are quite pressing while others are what we require to develop

St.Luke's and give good foundations for the work here to grow and be sustained.


If you would like to give to the work outlined below you can do a bank transfer to:
Fullarton Parish Church     A/C Number 00156004.      Sort Code: 83-23-13 

If you are a UK tax payer you may wish to boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate. 
If so please email . (Fullarton Parish church will pass on your gift to St.Luke’s Hospital.)




Sunday school expanding - 2017

Starting a Nutritional Centre

Nutrition is inadequate in the community with about 60% children  malnourished or stunted. We want to start a coaching centre where they will have some teaching and would get some nutritious food.

To carry the patients from St.Luke’s to other hospitals when they need to be referred. Other local  commercial vehicles are expensive and not reliable when they are needed fast.

Price is about £7000/-  So far we have raised around £3500/-

Boundary Fencing - ongoing

We are putting 4000ft of boundary fencing with GI pipes and concrete pillars. the fence of chainlink netting and 5ft high. Mainly to stop animals and human intruders. With the fence we will be able to provide a safe and private environment. Also, we would be able to produce vegetables, fruits etc inside the campus. Stealing from the hospital is also a problem without the fence. We received a generous legacy from a  well wisher whose connections to St Lukes go back a long way and the work has started. We need another £2700/- to complete the whole work.

Solar Electricity

We are running on solar at the moment but will need more electricity when we start the inpatient facilities.

The cost for 1 Kilowatt system is £1100/-e work.


We would like to get a person trained in eye work (Mr. Subal De is identified) and we will have regular eye work at hospital with screening for the cataract which is the major cause of blindness in india.

-Cost of one cataract operation £25/-

-Cost of training of Mr De: £100/ month for 6 month “eye camp”                               

-Cost of maintenance of the Optometrist: £80/month    

Medical Staff


- £150 per month


- £430 per month